EAAS Group

European Architecture & Art Studio


Foundation of our service is based in the strength and depth of our team. Through careful listening in order to uncover client needs, we understand the business drivers behind key real estate decisions. We design truly customized services to develop the adequate real estate project for every client  . We do that as professionals who know the real estate market in Barcelona, with more than twenty years of experience on it.



Barcelona is a hot spot for investors and will continue to be so for the coming years. Having the right partner with local knowledge and contacts is crucial if you want to be successful in a lucrative but also challenging business environment. Our pool of experts provide you with all the information and experience you will need to succeed in Barcelona.

. Find the Real Estate Product:

We find the real estate product according to the needs of each client. Our experience allows us to assess the situation, the price and profitability of real estate product that is available at all times, in Barcelona and Catalonia.

. Market analysis:

We elaborate custom studies for each product.

. Property Valuation:

We can value the property under consideration, as appropriate, by the market, replacement, capitalization or residual land value system.

. Legal Advice:

We study the legal status of each property, as urbanism, city ordinances or ownership.

. Fiscal Advice:

We offer a team of lawyers, experts in international fiscal and estate.


We manage all type of projects: Private Residences, Blocks of flats, Office Blocks, hotels and urbanism plans developments. We also provide security services and professional cleaning services.

. Cost study construction:

We elaborate detailed budgets, in order to foresee the necessary investment for each project.

. Feasibility study:

We elaborate a feasibility study, wich includes all the development costs of the project and the cash flow of future income, in order to assess the project, their investment needs and profitability.

. Marketing & Operation:

We offer the marketing team to sell or rent real estate product or find the operator for the building exploitation.


We offer a team of professionals able to address all architectural projects, made up of Architects, Technical Architects and Engineers.

. Architecture:

We develop the whole project of architecture and the construction management technique.

. Engineering:

We develop the entire project of the building services needed for any project. Including calculations, sizing, specifications and budget.

. Interior design:

We offer a bespoke interior design and furniture packages any need for the project.

. Legalization:

We offer specific projects and professionals for the legalization of  buildings necessary for the exploitation of the building, as building permits or activity licenses.